Thursday, February 21, 2008

You're my mother...

When shower was pouring
In the dark evening
You were the warmth who was by my side
You're my mother

When even the rabbit on the moon was crying of the darkness of the night
You were the moonlight who gave me light
You're my mother

My mother, you turned your blood to milk for me
I owe you my whole life for holding me inside of you for months
I love you mother
You're the fountain of life
Mother, you're my queen
I'll be there for you all along through this journey of life

On the ocean in a windy day
In the ship with broken sails
You were the peddle you were my saviour
You're my mother

In the sweating noon
You were the shade you were the breeze
You're my mother
Translation of a Sinhala Song..
By one of my SL friends..

Pic taken from deviantart

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Uniqu3 Graph!X said...

this is a really nice song. Nw that i knw the full meaning, i like the song more :D