Monday, January 28, 2008

I Still Miss You

This yearning in my heart
This confusion in my mind
The words left unspoken
Haunts me all the time

Everyday I watch pass by
With an emptiness in my life
And a hole in my heart
Where only you belong

There are nights I wake up crying
And wishing you were here
To hold me in your arms
And kiss away my tears

There is something that keeps me holding on -
What I'll never know
But one day things will go my way
And I'll have you in my arms

By Angela Craig
Pic taken from deviantart

Saturday, January 26, 2008

New or amended constitution???

If somebody said that, in 2008, Maldivians faced very unusual things, it could not be a lie. In Ha. Hoarafushi, a 20 year old boy tried to stab the President with a knife. Few days after the incident, from the People's Special Majilis they passed and voted that a maximum presidential limit of two five-year terms from THIS constitution. This created a big debate among the parties and citizen, whether DRP candidate Maumoon can run as a candidate for the election of November 2008. Then we started hearing some people saying that this constitution was not an amended, but a new constitution. So under the new constitution, DRP candidate Maumoon can run in this election as well. That means for another 2 terms.

Can Maumoon run in this election? Is the People's Special Majlis debating on a new constitution???? or are they revising the old constitution??? This is what Maldivians speak of these days. Internet, daily news papers, weekly magazines, in sitting rooms, on the roads, in public places & even in the crowds people talk about this. This is the most popular questions in everywhere in the Maldives.... Of course, how people think are different.. But truth will be truth.... N there should be a truth behind what DRP's Parliment members speak or what MDP & independent parliament members speak...

If its a new constitution, DRP candidate, Maumooon can rule as a candidate for the next election as his 7th term of Maldivian president...

But if its a amended constitution, DRP candidate, Maumoon ruled out as presidential candidate for the next election.. Coz People's Special Majlis members voted to impose a maximum presidential limit of two five-year terms from THIS constitution.. And he has ruled as a president for 6 terms from THIS constitution... Am i right???

There is only one thing for us now.. Just wait and see what will happen in the end... See if this Constitution turn out to be a new or amended constitution... Just check the above video to watch and hear what our beloved President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom said in his speaches on different occasions about the consititution wich is being dabated in People's Special Majlis... And what the President of the People's Special Majlis, Gaasim Ibrahim said to the People's Special Majlis members about the constitution...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

End of another chapter of my love life...

Yeah just now I received a mail from her.. It says it’s the end of our relationship… Why?? I know it’s all my fault... and I believe that from my heart…

What do i do? When i wanted her more than anyone & when i realized my fault and tried to make it right, she said goodbye! Now it hurts me a lot....

Anyways, I wish her a happy life and a bright future..

Pic taken from deviantart

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Here I am going to share an E-Magazine... Its from ELAKIRI.COM, the largest online community in Sri Lanka.. Yeah its callled ElakiriZine... This is the second edition of this magazine which includes informations about the site, ideas and inreviews about Elakiri Members, troubleshoots, health and fitness tips and many more important information.. Hope you guys will like it... N I would like to thnx to Fazaal (Editor & Designer), Neon White (Co-Editor), X Pert (Proof Reader), Lich and GTRZ (Patron) and all the members who submit articles to this magazine... I would like to say sorry that i couldn't give any help to you guys for this edition, but i am sure i will give some contribution for the next edition... EK rocks...



*You will need Adobe reade(acrobat) to view this files..

Tuesday, January 01, 2008