Sunday, April 27, 2008

One more week...

Today i went to hospital to remove the bandage, But it seems that still it's not fully healed to remove the bandage. So doctor changed the bandage and advised me to keep it one more week again.. So again i am waiting..

Unfortunately i have sinus problem and doctor says it's bad news... he said that the sinus cold might cause some problem and as I blow out my nose, it might effect the ear... So he gave me some more medicine for the sinus.. He told me to sneeze very loud, without covering my mouth and be more careful. Otherwise there might be some complications...
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My first Surgery....

I have done an ear surgery on 20th April. I went to the hospital early morning at 6:00 and got admitted there. My mom is also here for my surgery and my friend’s cousin, aunt and two of my neighbors also went to the hospital. I got registered and was taken to the room and they did an ECG and blood sugar test. Later they gave me a green pajama to wear and were taken to the theatre. I wasn’t very scared but was little.

In the theatre, doctor was going to give an injection, but I told him that I’m scared of injections. He used a good technique by keeping me busy in a conversation with him, asking about my age, no. of girlfriends I had and then I realized I was given the IV. And then they put a mask over my face and everything blacked out.

I woke up in the room having a bandage around my head. It was my first surgery and things weren’t that bad as I thought. The doctor and the nurses were really kind and helpful at any time I needed them. Thanks all who came to visit me and helped me in everything.

When I am fully recovered, I will try to update my blog again :D
Pic taken from deviantart