Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy B'day

Today is Zayan kokko's b'day. He is the cousin I love most... Today is Maai's b'day too... Maai is a cousin of Uniqu3 Graph!X. Wish both of them a very happy b'day...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What was it???

I have no idea how to start this... really i dunno.. I just wanna share little abt my feelings again... Just cant keep it with only me... Last night was a really very very happy night for me.. I will never forget last night.. Something really nice happened to me... I even dunno how to explain my feelings.. I thought i was in a dream, but never mind if it was a dream or not, I was really happy even if it was just for that once... Donno it's a good or bad sign for me.. Dunno hw things will turn out tommorrow... Last nights incident was more than i cud ask for. That's what i know... It's very complicated and i prefer keeping it only with me, hoping that this dream of mine won't turn into a nightmare... So Sorry fellow readers to keep u in confusion... :D
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Should your future wife be a virgin??

Well guys if you find out that your girlfriend is not a virgin, what will you do?? Will you marry her?? Past is past but the thing is if she can't stay without going to the one who she gave her virginity.. I mean her sexual partner..

For some reason she can't marry her sexual partner and she is asking you to marry her, while in the mean time she is going to fulfill her sexual desires from her sexual partner as well.. So guys what will you do if something like this happens to you??? Will you marry the girl by forgiving her while she doesn't think what she has done was a sin and doesn't want to stop it??? Girls what do you think to do in this situation???

She couldn't make him fall into her trap and make him marry her the instant she wanted... She played a little game by talking about the marriage and broke up with him to carry on fulfilling her desires with her ex-boyfriend (sexual partner).. So does that guy still has to wait for her to come back to him again??? What's the best thing to do in a situation like this???
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Waiting for you....

It's been days since i have updated my blog last. Getting my girl friend back after 4 months brought a big change to my life. It was like going back in time and making things right. We only get one chance to find the true love. But i got a second chance to find it again, and I'm never going to let it go.

Things are whole lot better and different for me now. instead of worrying about updating the blog, i was always hoping for a call from my angel. My mobile phone is the dearest thing to me now. Coz now, she calls me very often, and we are in touch more than ever.. it's like the distance is not that distant anymore.

That's y I don't come online very often these days. But then again, the time is coming for me to return back to use to have online chats. Coz she's flying back and i won't hear her sweet voice for few months again. Last month was a happy time for me, we talked over the phone and it was like being there with her. Sad thing is that, it's almost going to be an year, without even seeing my angel. I really wanted to meet you darling, and if not for now, i can't wait to see you this December. INSHA ALLAH…

I want you to know that i really love you and my life will be incomplete without you. I need you more than ever and you're everything for me now. We had dreams together, we planned a lot of things for our life, hope that will all come true and we will be together, forever...

I'm gonna miss you dear, but i will wait and I'll be patient.
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