Sunday, December 30, 2007


Tomorrow is the last day of the year 2007 and its my last post for 2007… So I just thought to share some of the special days I had in 2007..

The happiest day in 2007… I was thinking and thinking but I couldn't think of a day that I was really very happy in 2007…

The saddest day in 2007… Yeah unlike the happiest day I had a saddest day in 2007.. That was 23rd February… It's a Friday… Around 8:15AM, I got a call from one of my elder sister… That time I was sleeping... Without even sayin "Hello" my sis said "Reyga maama niyaavejje" I coludn't utter a word. it sent a shiver down my spine. Then sis told me that they were trying to call me but i had no credit in my phone… anyways I was really sad and I remembered the last word she told me.. I mean my grandmother.. That was December 2006.. The night I left my island she told me "dhen neyge maama aa dhimaavaane kameh ves dharifulhaa" she was really true… I know she really loved me and I really love her too.. She is the only grandparent I met from my family... Still there comes times when i still can't believe that she passed away.When I remember her or when I see her pictures sometimes it makes me cry without my intentions… May Allah bless her soul and grant her eternal bliss…

The scariest day in 2007… That was 15th December… As you guys will know that I went on a trip to the word's end.. After the hike throught the valleys and mountains, we were heading to the hotel in our took around 2 hours..My friend was driving the car through the mist. Darkness was falling and can't see the road ahead of us. by the time we were in the middle of the forests, it was really dark. With the thick mist, and the darkness and in the silence, i can hear my heart beat. our only hope for a safe ride was the grass which was on the side of the tarred road. In the middle of no where, my friend stopped the car and said "don't talk and dont be scared ok!" it scared the hell out of me. i didnt know wat was wrong. He unbuckled his seat belt and asked me to get a bag from under my seat. I tried to bend down but coz of my seat belt, i couldn't. i was frozen in place and was scared to look out of the window. i saw a human figure through the mist. I came to my senses when again my friend asked me to get a bag from under my seat. I grabbed the bag and handed it over to him. he had his mobile phone lit to the wind shield. then he grabbed a GRASS HOPPER which was sitting on there. Oh man! he was saying that coz there was a grass hopper there. Then i knew that the man in the fog was my imaginations. It was playing wild with me. I had to hold my breath all the way down from the mountains until i get safe to hotel.

The best surprise.. Ok I don't think I got any suprises which I remember.. But I gave a really big surprise to someone. not a some one.. To my girlfriend… In August 2007,I went to Male' without telling her and I went to her house but she was not at home that time.. So I asked her mum to call her and bring her home.. me and my bestfriend waited on the road near her house and she came.. She was like "Oh my god" … Gaos meeheh nuves buney.. adhi iboo ves mee goas meeheh.. she was shy I guess… anywas my mission was a success…

Unbeliveable thing in 2007 … That was from a very close friend.. I don't want to mention if it's a girl or a boy.. so it's he/she.. he/she did something which is very unbelievable and still I couldn't get any answer for that. Sometimes I think i judged him/her wrong. Even though i want an answer, i am staying for the sake of not making it a big issue. But I'll always think about that and I really want to know why and why that happened. I want to know why he/she did that to me…

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The best trip I ever had

Last Saturday me, my best friend and one of our Sl friends were made a trip to world’s end. I have been there once but this time I saw a lot of interesting places that I didn’t see before.. It was the first time I really felt the beauty of nature.. .. We went by our friend’s car.. So on the way we were able to stop the vehicle on any place we want… if you guys go to there better go on your own vehicle... or someone who can stop when you want to. Take my word, it’s worth a stop.

Our trip was actually planned for two days but had to bring a sudden change to the plans of the second day.

World’s end is one of the attractions of Horton Plains National Park where one could see the fall to the Tea states down bellow. We can see a dramatic drop of 1312m from world’s end and a fantastic view of the surrounding hills and the mountain ranges wreathed in mists and clouds and on clear days even the Indian Ocean which is about 81 km to the south is visible. But unluckily, the day we took the trip, it was very misty.

Even if I want, I can’t write everything about the trip... Coz lots of funny, crazy, exciting and scary things happened on this trip.. So i just thought to share some of the pictures we took in Horton plains, Nuwara Eliya and on the way to Nuwara Eliya, Horton plains and Colombo. As they say, a picture speaks louder than words.

The place where we stopped to take our breakfast on first day - On the way to Nuwara Eliya (Saturday 7:00am)

Devon falls - 318 feet high - viewed from the 20th mile post of the Talawakele-Nawalapitiya highway (Saturday 7:45am & Sunday 11:28am)

St. Claire - the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka, about 265 feet high. Just 3km from Talawakele (Satruday 8:00am & Sunday 11:18am)

A river - Between Nuwara Eliya and Horton Plains (Saturday 12:30am)

A reindeer - On thw way to Horton National Park (Saturday 1:48 pm)

Horton Plains National Park (Saturday 2:00pm – 5:30pm)

World’s end - Coz of the mud, we didn’t climb to the top of the mount and couldn’t take a nice pic coz of the mist (Saturday 3:00pm)

Bakers Falls - 20m high situated on the Belihul Oya within Horton Plains National Park (Saturday 4:30pm)

A small water fall in Horton Plains National Park (Saturday 5:10pm)

Entrance and exit gate in Horton Plains National Park (Saturday 5:30 pm)

Sun hill - The hotel which we stayed in Nuwara Eliya (Sunday 8:30am)

Nuwara Eliya town (Sunday 9:20am)

Tea leaf bushes - In Nuwara Eliya - On the way to Colombo (Sunday 10:30am)

A tunnel - On the way to Colombo – (Sunday 11:50am)

A bridge used to cross to a village on the other side of the river flowing down below - On the way to Colombo (Sunday 1:20pm)

Our friend’s uncle’s home and backyard view - On the way to Colombo (Sunday 2:00pm)

Pics taken by me and Iboo

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Friday, December 14, 2007

Journey to the end of World

Im gonna see the world’s end… Will come back home on Sunday evening and will give more details about it… :D

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Girl Vs Cat

This is a video of a girl next door. Since the dog in that house died, they have been feeding this street cat and it started coming to their house to eat. But this girls hates it. And at times when it comes for meals, she's on duty to chase it away :D its funny sometimes she takes the cricket bat and push the poor cat and hits its tail. This video was captured from my room window. She didnt know she was being taped.

Monday, December 10, 2007

How to Act on Your First Date With a Girl

You just asked a girl out. Your stomach feels all queasy, but in a good way. You're going to see her tomorrow. What do you do?

1. Stay calm.
2. Smile a lot.
3. Say her name whenever possible; they like that.
4. Engage in conversation. Girls like guys who let them talk, so let her go, and drop comments when needed.
5. Be polite, but not obsessive about your manners.
6. Make sure to talk about her! Comment on how good she looks or something.
7. Be yourself. Be comfortable with her. This is key to developing a healthy relationship.
8. If you have to sneeze or blow your nose in the bathroom.
9. If in the movies, don't talk a lot and let her choose the movie
10.Make sure you have enough money! or she'll be mad and will never go out with you again

• Wear something nice.
• Maybe put on some cologne, but not too much, because some girls don't like the smell very much.
• It helps to be mature, because the one thing girls hate is a guy who acts immature! This is very important!
• Ask for her number at the end of the date.

• Do not be so concentrated on these steps on the date, or she'll think you're crazy.
• If you don't call her...It's over.
• If you don’t have enough money, ask your parent(s) for some money. if not, she'll tell everyone
• Make sure your parents are ok with you dating!

Things You'll Need
• A girl who'll go out with you

Pic taken from deviantart

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Meehun Beynun vejje

Beynun vaa magaamu...
Mas gane, garudhiya kakka, garudhiya rihaakurah hadhaa, e vikkumuge masakkathuge amalee coordinator....

Beynunvaa adhadhu:

1- GCE O'level imthihaanuge Fisheries Science ge maadhdhaain dhavvagen “B” faas libifaivun..
2- GCE A'level imthihaanuge Economics ge maadhdhaain dhavvegen “C' faas libifaivun...
3- Umurun 40 aharaai 60 aharuge meeheh kamugaivun...
4- Meehakaa idhegen ulhey meehaku kamugai vun....
5- Anhenaku nama firimeehaa yakee masveri yakah vun...
6- Frihenaku nama anbimeehaa yakee rajjeyge rayyithakah vun...
7- Mahaa behey kommeves dhaa iraa akaun thajribaa libifaivun...

Dhefaraathun ebbas vaa ragalhu musaara eh..

01 january 2008

Meehun hovumugai iskan dheveynee emme gina sharuthu furihama hama vaa meehunnah... Mikamah edhilavvaa beyfulhun sity fonuvumaai ithuru mauloomaathu hoadhdhevumah rajjeygai meehun dhiriulhey komme rashehge ves mas market aa gulhuvvun edhen...
4 december 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Appy mi othee emmefahun tale eh hadhaafa dhoa??

Everyone, Appy ( has launched a blog of her own. So wish Appy’s Tale a happy birthday and give her a warm welcome. Well I think I should explain the whole process of this tale to all my fellow bloggers and readers.

Appy’s bf, iboo asked me to convince appy to start blogging. He asked me to design one for her if she says yes (he didn’t know that she was goin to say no for that). I tried to convince her and she ….…. Gimme a sec I think I saved the whole conversation I had with her that night. oh! Sorry I deleted that …. Anyway, she said “NO NO” and that she hasn’t got what it takes to blog and it’s not her field. (vashafaru meehun unbah jehee dho :P) and she told she can’t. She said its enough for her that we have a blog. She also said that, though his bf asks her to make one also, her answer won't change ..(But now see what she did for him)

Later one day Appy asked me to make her a blog.. And she told she wants to make that blog as a birthday surprise for her bf. I wondered what changed her mind. I think after one week I started designing her blog.

How did I manage to do it without letting iboo know? You can’t even imagine how much trouble I faced because of this Appy’s tale. I had to close and lock my room door during the time I designed it. I know Appy’s bf will know that I am doing something secretly coz sometimes I didn’t close the door when he comes to my room. I always minimize Firefox browser, photoshop and all my works… I was really scared when I gave him my pc to him during the time his one was crashed.. Fortunately he didn’t use my hard disk. But I have to thank Iboo a lot regarding Appy’s Tale.. coz i am learning phtoshop from him and for the Appy’s Tale, I used some of his ideas saying that I was just playing around with Photoshop.

Hope Appy’s Tale is going to be interesting to you all. Start writing your tales, Appy! We can’t wait to see them :D

Happy B'day Iboo....

I always
wished for a ...
Special Friend,
who'd be close
to my heart...
It came true
when i met You!
On your special day
I wish for you...
May all your dreams
& wishes come true!
Have a very
Happy Birthday Iboo!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Sparkling Angel

Welcome Sparkling Angel ( to the blogging world.. Yeah she is truly a sparkling angel for me… Do you want to know who she is??? Ok ok.. I can give a hint... Sparkling angel is my loving girlfriend…

Darling, Hope to see ur blog updated frequently. Thanks for joining us in the blogging world and making me a part of ur life… oooops sorry thnx for iboo too, 4 designing the blog…

Pic taken from deviantart

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gorgeous Flower

Welcome Gorgeous Flower ( to the blogging world.. Hope your blog will be instersting... n wish you all the best...

Pic taken from deviantart

Monday, November 19, 2007

Congratzz Mum...

She is my loving mum and she is receiving presidential award on behalf of the women's development committee of our island. She's been serving the committee for a long period of time being the president of the committee.

Friday, November 16, 2007

a moment of shock...

v were on our way to Unity Plaza to buy a RAM.... The three wheeler turned into a narrow road... suddenly it crashed with something and heard some glasses shatter... pieces of glasses came inside the three wheel...

I was in a shock, it took me a while to realise that it was an old window left on the side of the road.... One side of the three wheel hit that door.... all the glasses of it shattered.... No worries... nothing happened to it was a close call :P

guess whatt...

Yesss!.. I got my pc back... yippeee! :P

Thursday, November 15, 2007

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