Sunday, August 17, 2008

Exams over... getting ready to go to the sunny side of life....

At last its over for this sem.. and nw its holidays.. welll almost after one year am gonna go to my home... yeeppeee gonna go to the sunny side of life on 20th of this month....

Cant wait to seee my nieces, nephews and cousins and all my family members.... After one year I'm gonna see them inshaa allah..

I hope this trip will be a memorable trip for me..Coz this time, i might meet very special 2 people in my life... One is a girl who was trying to meet me for last 7 months and finally she met me from msn on july last week and we had a really nice talk that night..But later that night i couldn't get much time to talk her coz of my studies n stuff... But will meet her in person this time inshaa allah :D The other one is someone who I always wanted to talk and meet.. Bt i coudnt get any chance yet... hoping my dreams are gonna come true this time inshaa allah.... dreaming too much is nt goood right???

The other thing is this time i have to face a big prob coz i know i have to face many questions from my family, my friends and some other people who knows me... Thats about my blind relationship which ended for good recently...the worst relationship i ever had... What do I have to do?? Do I have a right for talking about MY LIFE..??? Should I tell them the truth..? As I know, I have full rights to tell them about MY LIFE..
Pics taken by me..