Sunday, October 22, 2006


The day immediately following the end of the holy month of Ramadan is called Eid Fitr. In other words, it falls on the first day of Shawwal. It is one of the greatest Islamic festivals. Eid ul Fitr is a joyful celebration of the achievement of enhanced piety. It is the Day of Thanksgiving to Allah, for giving His servants the opportunity to fast and to worship Him in the month of Ramadan. It is a day of forgiveness, moral victory and peace, of congregation, fellowship, brotherhood and unity. On this Day, Muslims leave their jobs, wear clean clothes, offer special Eid Prayers, and after prayers go to visit one another and take part in festivities. Small children wear beautiful new clothes, and are very busy enjoying the festival. Their angelic faces beam with joy.

Islam wants that all Muslims, whether rich or poor, should enjoy Eid. It has, therefore, commanded all the well-to-do people to pay the Zakat-e-Fitr. This Zakat-e-Fitr is paid on the very day of Eid Fitr. It consists of 3 kilograms of one's daily food or its equivalent in cash.

The payment of Zakat-e-Fitr is obligatory upon every person who is adult, sane and free at the time of the sunset on the last day of Ramadan, and is also not dependent upon others for means of subsistence. If the person concerned is the head of a family, it is incumbent upon him to pay his own Zakat-e-Fitr as well.

Zakat-e-Fitr is the right of the poor and the needy, and can be spent for those purposes only, for which Zakat, payable on property, is expendable. This includes helping the deserving people and building hospitals, bridges, schools, etc.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Victory claims their 19th National champions title..

Victory sports club defended their president’s cup title and claimed as the champions for a record of 19th time after beating Valencia in tonight’s final match. Though Valencia dominated the possession and created more chances, they were left stranded when it came to penalty spot. Keeper Imran’s two superb save lead Victory to their second title in a row. READ MORE

Happy b'day to Lumko!!

Put on your party cap….
& have a day that’s bouncing
With FUN all the day!!
Wish you a very very happy b’day!

She is my 3rd niece and she is 5 years today. Now I can hardly wait to see her and give her a big hug. It’s been 2 yrs since I saw her last.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Aircraft hits New York building

Two people have died after a small aircraft crashed into a high-rise apartment building in New York City's affluent Upper East Side. The plane was owned by New York Yankees baseball pitcher Cory Lidle. US media reports say he was piloting the plane at the time and died in the crash.Flames and smoke can be seen coming out of the 50-storey apartment building on Manhattan island. READ MORE

Nabahu is one!!!

It’s your day.
& lots a FUN….
here’s wishing
your 1st BIRTHDAY
is a 1 – derful one!

Happy b’day Nabahu!!...He is my youngest cousine yet. I only saw a pic of him. I really want to see him with my own eyes. I’m hoping to see him and all the kids on this December.

Wish you a very Happy b’day to Avishka and Shiu. Hope u guys will have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Super Reds storms into the final

Victory has beaten New Radiant in the replay of the President’s cup first match tonight. The match was played without supporters and only FAM pass holders were allowed to enter the stadium. However, the match was telecasted live on Television Maldives. READ MORE

rats rats rats!!!

Oh, rats rats rats! its everywhere in the house…. In the kitchen, sitting room and even in bedrooms….. A small animal giving loads of troubles… biting off the furniture everywhere.… Scaring some ppl put of the room… What we do?

Monday, October 09, 2006

its been three years??

i met an ex girl friend of mine after a gap of three years.. i chatted with her ..but as a friend .. i chatted because we make mistakes.. she did ..i make why shud i be anghry with her for something that happend ages ago n now that i have someone who luves me unconditionally ..n whom i luv so much... i cant think of anyone beyond my gf

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Three Tough Questions

There was a young man who went overseas to study for quite a long time. When he returned, he asked his parents to find him a religious scholar or any expert who could answer his 3 Questions. Finally, his parents were able to find a Muslim scholar.

Young man: who are you? Can you answer my questions?
Scholar: I am one of Allah (SubHana Wa Ta`ala )'s slaves and Insha-Allah (God willing), I will be able to answer your questions.
Young man: Are you sure? A lot of Professors and experts were not able to answer my questions.
Scholar: I will try my best, with the help of Allah (SubHana Wa Ta`ala).
Young Man: I have 3 questions:

1. Does God exist? If so, show me His shape.
2. What is thaqdir (fate)?
3. If shaitan (Devil) was created from the fire, why at the end he will be thrown to hell that is also created from fire. It certainly will not hurt him at all, since Shaitan (Devil) and the hell were created from fire. Did God not think of it this far?

Suddenly, the Scholar slapped the young man's face very hard.
Young Man (feeling pain) : Why do you get angry at me?
Scholar: I am not angry. The slap is my answer to your three questions.
Young Man: I really don't understand.
Scholar: How do you feel after I slapped you?
Young Man: of course, I felt the pain.
Scholar: so do you believe that pain exists?
Young Man: Yes.
Scholar: Show me the shape of the pain!
Young Man: I cannot.
Scholar: that is my first answer. All of us feel God's existence without being able to see His shape... Last night, did you dream that you will be slapped by me?
Young Man: No.
Scholar: did you ever think that you will get a slap from me, today?
Young Man: No.
Scholar: that is takdir (fate) my second answer........ My hand that I used to slap you, what is it created from?
Young Man: It is created from flesh.
Scholar: How about your face, what is it created from?
Young Man: Flesh.
Scholar: How do you feel after I slapped you?
Young Man: in pain.
Scholar: That’s it, this is my third answer, Even though Shaitan (Devil) and also the hell were created from the fire, if Allah wants, insha-Allah (God willing), the hell will become a very painful place for Shaitan.

6th October 2006

Ohh today (6th October) is so many days & I have experienced some new things. Today is Dhaanko 3rd b’day, shabs’ b’day, Friday (a Special day for muslims) . I woke up at around 12.15 after Iboo woke me to go to Friday mosque. But coz of something I didn’t go to the mosque today. But I know that was not an excuse. So I don’t want to mention the reason here. After I bathed I was not feeling well. Sneezing and having a runny nose as usual. After I did luhr prayer I sat down near my pc, thinking to get online and talk to someone. But unluckily the connection was not there. After I did so many things to my computer and router, I switched off the router and re-started it, then the connection established back again. It’s a really easy work, but I did a hard work.

Around 4:15 I and iboo went to a shop to buy some hair cream for me. My hair cream’s finished and I couldn’t get it from any shop near by home. The cream is so important for me coz I have to go to shab’s place to party. A special hair dresser arrived to make my hair. It took a while for her to do it. Maybe coz she was little nervous as she was going to the party too ;). Anyway, thanx to her.

In the night around 8.15 we went to shab’s place. On the way we stopped to a shop. I didn’t go inside, and I was waiting inside the three wheel. Naani and iboo returned after payin the bill. As they climbed in, a dog was watching. All of a sudden it ran towards the three wheel. It started barking and…. Oh my god naani was so scared and screamed louder than the dog, she scared the dog even. I was scared of the dog. I know dogs but still I get scared to them. Wht to do???

Ok the treat shabs gave was fun have enjoyed also but there was something we missed a lot, coz of that we got little displeased. Not little, I think a lot. I think the person I’m talking about will know what I am talking. Anyway I have to thank shabs for the treat again and btw thanx to Mams too. The food we got, yummy… it’s really delicious Mams!

After we were done with it, we went to the terrace of shab’s place and we took some pics. The place was so nice. The breeze of air brushed the body so softly as if it wanted to carry us with it. The view from up there was so nice, waves breaking to the shore with a soft music. An almost full moon spreading its rays of light to the furthest point of view, it was like a different world far away from earth and its thoughts.

Later we called the three wheeler and we were waiting for it. We went near the railway tracks and I took some photos there and on the road. Not very far, there stood a police post. After 10min one police whistled to us and asked what we were doing there. We told we are Maldivian and we came to a party and the we were waiting for the three wheel. That guy told to show our passport or ID cards. We showed IDs and they asked why we were taking the photos there and other stuff…. Ok, they talked rude, but they were not that bad. They checked our camera for the photos we took and they let us go. Some police we met before were very rude, but now, if we say we are Maldivians, then they talk really nicely with a smile on the face. Anyway, we came home and that’s the end of the multi-day I had :D

Friday, October 06, 2006

Its your day Dhaanko!!!

Sending you a little angel,
To sparkle your day with
Joy, laughter and fun.
Wish you a wonderful b’day!!!

You have been hugged with my biggest warmest hug and wished lots of love.
He is my 2nd nephew and he is 3 years today. Now I can hardly wait to see him and give him a big hug. It’s been 2 yrs since I saw him last.

BTW today is Shab’s b’day too. Happy b'day Shabs!! May the days that come bring you success & joy. Hope you’ll have a gr8 day & wish you lots of luck in everyway. Shabs thanks for the treat you’re going to give us tonight. Hope we’ll have fun tonight. Lets ROCK SHABS!!!