Thursday, February 28, 2008

I have been tagged...

Tagged by Uniqu3Graph!X

A - Available?: depends...
B - Best friend: Uniqu3Graph!X
C - Cake or Pie?: cake but butter cakes :D
D - Drink of choice: Definitely coke :)
E - Essential thing used everyday: My brain...
F - Favorite color: Black...
G - Gummi bears or worms: Gummi bears...
H - Hometown: Maldives..
I - Indulgence: processing.... No result found!
J - January or February: It doesn't make any difference for me..
K - Kids and names: Kid??? How come... haven't married yet..
L - Life:Its like an examination.. we have to try to pass from this no matter what we have to face..
M - Marriage date: Ohhh.. I don't even think of it now...
N - Number of siblings: 4 elder sis and 1 younger sis
O - Oranges or apples: apple of course...
P - Phobias: Dogs..
Q - Quote: "everything will happen for good and for everything theres a reason it happened. so face it"
R - Reason to smile: Just happens when someone smiles at me or look at me!!!!
S - Season: If it rains, its ok any season.. :D
T - Tag three people: nadhies d.r.e.a.m.s of d.r.e.a.m.s, The Enigmatic Un-foreseen and Joalifathi
U - Unknown fact about me: As it says its UNKNOWN :D :D
V - Vegetable you do not like: Leeks and brinjal
W - Worst habit: if i am angry or if i get mad at someone i cant talk nicely :(
X - x-rays you have had: My left wrist.. it was very recently...
Y - Your favorite food: Roshi and curry...
Z - Zodiac: Taurus

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We all would have met and have been with different kinds of people from different areas with different backgrounds. But they all share something very common. I have noticed (I'm sure you would have too) that some parents favor their children. I just wanted to share some of my experiences of situations like this and their outcomes.

First, we may have to bring into our consideration, why do parents do that? It's maybe coz they don't love their children equally. After all, they are children of them. Why does this happen? Why can't they love their children equally? It's a fact that we won't love everyone the same. It's in our nature. Similarly, parents are also humans, this applies to them and they love their children differently. Some don't show it to their children, and some parents show the children how different they are from their siblings.

Most of the parents favor the eldest or the youngest in the family. Some favor their son, others their daughter. Some favor because of the skin color and some for good looking children. Regarding the skin color, we all know that there is a big difference in the world for blacks and the whites. The whites don't like the blacks. So this could be just an example. But still, eldest or youngest, white or black, son or daughter, cute or ugly, they are still children of their parents. They also need attention, care and love as equally as their brothers and sisters. Having a step-mother or a step-father is a different case. They might not love their step-children as they love their own children.

How are they being favored? From the parents view, the child who is being treated well will always be good... will not do any mistakes.... get what they want, anytime they want. It's just a matter of pointing the finger and asking for it. If they don't get what they want, the child will get stubborn and make him get it. But when the child who is not loved equally does something wrong, they will be punished and scolded. Children start to realize how different they are from each other. This result in the child who was favored being careless in taking their responsibilities and the other will do anything to get the attention and love of his parents. This is a decision the parents take without thinking for the consequences it might bring.

What the parents get after all?? Eldest or the youngest, boy or a girl, white or black, cute or ugly, after they grow up, the child who was treated will start to make their rules on things and scold parents and always ask things and will get what ever they wants from their parents, while the child who was not given attention will not ask much things from parents instead they will do things for parents and they will care and help to the parents more… What's your knowledge about this??
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Uniqu3 Graph!X....

Welcome Uniqu3 Graph!X ( to the blogging world..

After a long time he is back on blogger.. I can say to all my blog readers that he is really a unique graphic designer.. He is having real good talent in graphics.. Specially drawing portraits in photoshop.. He is a super talented guy for that.. So common bro, show everyone what you have got. Hope your blog will be interesting... n wish you all the best. Cheers Uniqu3 Graph!X...
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

May Allah bless her soul and grant her eternal bliss…

23rd February 2007, the saddest day in my life. It was one year from today, a friday morning around 8:15AM, I got a call from one of my elder sister… That time I was sleeping... Without even saying "Hello" my sis said "Reyga maama niyaavejje" ("Grandma passed away last night") I couldn't utter a word. it sent a shiver down my spine. Then sis told me that they were trying to call me but i had no credit in my phone…

Still I remember the last word she said to me... That was December 2006.. The night I left my island she told me "dhen neyge maama aa dhimaavaane kameh ves dharifulhaa" ("I'm not sure if we will meet again") she was really true… I know she really loved me and I really love her too.. She is the only grandparent I met from my family...

After she passed away, i went to my island on August 2007.. Thats only for a week.. But i didn't want to go to grandma house. But it's only 2 minutes walking distance from my home... Coz for me, it's always my grandmother's house. I go there to see her. I didn't want to step in the house and know that she's not there anymore. I really miss her and i always will.

When ever she met any of my sisters, at first she always asked them about me... Sometimes my sisters make her sad showing my pictures.. They say when ever she saw my pic, she will cry saying that she really loved me.. I know why she loved me that much.. Coz i am the only grandson who is behaving well and trying to study as much as i can, and I have never said a word against her.. I really respected and respect her.. I am really happy that she never called me by my name.. She always called me "magey dharifulhu" ("my son")..

If she made anything special in her house, she always brought to us.. And now i really miss all that.. I really like her food.. Normally traditional food.. Kashikeyo fani, gabulhi huni or somthing, i cant remember the names and many more.. At my home, papaya trees were there always. Those trees were specially for her.. She really likes papaya and if theres any ripe papaya, my mum always says don't pluck that papaya, that was for grandma.. and she really like Milk tea and Cream cracker biscuit... She likes sweet things...

Still there comes times when i still can't believe that she passed away. When I remember her or when I see her pictures sometimes it makes me cry without my intentions… May Allah bless her soul and grant her eternal bliss…
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

You're my mother...

When shower was pouring
In the dark evening
You were the warmth who was by my side
You're my mother

When even the rabbit on the moon was crying of the darkness of the night
You were the moonlight who gave me light
You're my mother

My mother, you turned your blood to milk for me
I owe you my whole life for holding me inside of you for months
I love you mother
You're the fountain of life
Mother, you're my queen
I'll be there for you all along through this journey of life

On the ocean in a windy day
In the ship with broken sails
You were the peddle you were my saviour
You're my mother

In the sweating noon
You were the shade you were the breeze
You're my mother
Translation of a Sinhala Song..
By one of my SL friends..

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

EK get - together.....

We have had another get-together 2day with some of the EK members. It wasn't a formal get-together, but just to meet up coz today turned out to be a holiday. I arrived late while everyone else enjoyed and was having lunch. I also had lunch and joined the gang. It was so good to see them after a long time. After having a chat, finally we went on a photo shoot as usual. Time was short but It was really fun... Met some new members, like Gomida, tharidhuDR, icreation... There was only one girl and i didnt know who she was. They told she was Malee and i got a little shock to hear that. coz all these days i was thinking that Malee was a boy :D... I am really sorry that i coudnt even talk her this time.. Dont know why.. Next time I'll talk her...

I coudnt stop laughing when tck tried to give malee's hand bag to fazaal and shoot the pics.. Thnx DJpata for arranging and inviting us to this get-together. It was fun and i really enjoyed with u guys. Cheers guys.. Hope we'll have a big celebration on our 2nd anniversary....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mt.lavina Beach... A memorable trip with our guest....

Atlas we have made another visit to Mountlavinia Beach today... I have been there so many times, but today we had so much fun with one of my friend's brother. He came over to stay in our place for 3 days. At the beach, it brought so many wonderful memories from the past.. . We took lot of pictures.. Bought snacks.. Even we got our legs wet in the seashore.

We have been planning to go there for three weeks.. But everyday we came up with something, preventing us from getting there. Even yesterday we tried to go there. It was a normal sunny day. But as we stepped out of the house, the sky started to get dark n it started dripping rain drops. We thought that the rain would go away soon. But as we got down from the first bus, it started to get heavier. By the time we were in the second bus, the rain started pouring. Oh we were so unlucky. But still with the hope that it would stop soon, we ended up in our final stop running to our lives to get into shade. We got down from the bus when it was in the middle of a cross road. We got half wet in the rain.

We gave up the plan of going to the beach and headed back to our next destination on another bus. Yesterday, we traveled by bus. It was really fun getting wet in the rain and jumping from one bus to the other in the rain.

After having enjoyed a good time we had to say good bye for our guest. Hope he had fun with us. We really did.
Pics taken by Iboo.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Don't use lady's changing rooom...

I have been goin to this place since last month after i broke up with my last gf. I go to this place regularly and im a regular client of them. Yesterday I did somthing that i shouldn't have to done.. But that was not a bad thing, neither is good. I used lady's changing and shower room at this place. As the lady's room was not been used by any ladies, i thought it's ok for me to use it just once... or maybe twice... or thrice ;). coz there is only one toilet for gents and one for ladies, 4 of my friends were in a que in gents room.... So i didn't want to wait in the que and went to ladies room. i was changing while someone tried to open the door from outside. I hurried and open the door. I was wearing only my shorts... There was a girl in front of me and she screamed when she saw me.... One of my friends who happened to be outside the changing room saw all this.

I was shocked and was frozen in place for a while, coz of her scream.. Then i ran into gents room where my friends were. I went in there and burst out laughing... i couldn't stop my laugh. Later we knew that she was from Maldives.. We had a story to talk about all the way to home from there. It was fun. I really want to meet that girl once again and want to ask her about her feelings about that incident... :D hope one day i'll meet her sooon....
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HaPpY B'dAy SuMkOo

She is my 2nd niece and she is 7 years today...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What do you think about my decision????

Here's the story about my most recent love story. For those who are new, consider this as a lesson.

I met her around 2 yrs and 6 months ago. One of my friends which turned out to be one of her friend, gave her my email add. We added each other and we chatted... First as strangers... After that our friedship started to blossom and we got to be good friends... But we both knew, we were chatting for some reason.. I always kept telling her that i won't be her boyfriend unless i met her face to face... not because i go with a persons appearance, but with her real attitudes and behaviour.. We chatted for more than 6 months.. Sometimes she called me to my home phone... even msged me.. She always tells me that she loves me.. But I couldn't beleive that someone can fall in love without seeing in person... So I didn't believe that and I always said that I also like her but I don't love her.. and that, I wont say I won't love her either..

Almost after 06 months, she came to Sri Lanka.. I went to meet her for the first time in person. I had no words to say. For me she was gorgeous. But I knew it wont be easy for me to fall in love with her… Coz even then, I loved my first love.. One beautiful day, I invited her to my place. We talked and talked... I told her what I want, what I like, who I am, so on.. After telling everything about me and almost my love history, I proposed her and she said YES.. Two days later, she flew back to Male'. The day she left, she cried over the phone, but I didnt feel a thing. Coz I wasn't in love with her..

Back from Male' she message me, but I cant reply for every single message she sent.. I knew she would be sad but I told her that from my past experience, I won't spend money for any girl... Specially not from my phone.. I told her everything.. and I told her we don't know each other then.. And It will take time... I believe I was not good for her.. I didn't care that much.. But she really cared me a lot.. called me always.. always messaged me, asked about me and what i was doing..

Months later, I went to Male' for holidays, I didnt go to her place everyday.. She complained and one of her cousin called me and talked me for more than an hour.. after that day I realised I was wrong.. she really loved me and I should care her if I wanted her to be my gf. Few days later, I came back to Sri Lanka.

As usual, I didn't send messages for her but she was calling me messaging me and we talked a lot.. But still I was not feeling any affection to her.. But somewhere within me, I always missed her.. But I don't know why I didn't care her..

On august 2007 I went to Male' and I gave her a little surprise… the following day I set off to My island… and after being in island for one week I came back to Male'.. But this time I spent more time with her and I really felt something to her..

Now here I am, back in Sri lanka... And now, I can say that I really love her.. Almost every night, I was telling my bestfriend's girlfriends to call her and tell her to call me... Sometimes she kept asking me why i suddenly changed. Why I kept telling her to call me. She knew I was different, and for the first time, i felt that i was in love with her. After nearly a year I was in a very tender and affectionate long-distance relationship with her.

She applied for a course from abroad. She got leave from her workplace and she wanted to come here to meet me.. But unfortunately for some reasons, she couldn't come.. Those days I was like mad to meet her. I tried all the possible ways to bring her. On the process, i almost lost a good friend. On January 3rd, she went abroad for her higher studies...

While she was at the airport, she sent me two messages. I didn't know it was going to be the last messages that I was ever going to get from her. One message said, "thnxs loabee. Kuda koh delay vehjje. Am bored here. Tc always ingey. Gona mis u. luv u. rgds 2 ibu n Salwa n her sis 2 :)" and the last message i got from her is, "nw n flight. abt 2 leave."

After two or three days I met her on msn and we talked, as usual.. I asked her to give me her number and she told me she will give the number later.. The reasons she said was that her brother was using her number. She said she will send me the number as soon as her brother leave on 11th of January... I waited, waited and waited. 11, 12 and 13 gone. No message from her. I kept sending offline messages to her from msn.. No luck... I asked from her sis and cousin sis.. and they told they don't have her number.. They said if they got it, they would give me. But still no news and on 18th I sent her a mail. Asking where she was and about her...

On 19th night I got a reply from her. I was happy for a moment, but i couldnt beleive what I saw then. She dumped me with a damn email. The reason was i didnt care her the way she wanted. I had to accept the truth and sent her a reply. What a great way to end a relationship. She started it over internet and she ended it over internet. When she knew that i didnt even love her or cared her then, she was dying for me. When i started to care about her, she broke-up with me saying that i didnt care her before.

Somehow I got her number.. I called her.. but she cut the phone.. I dunno how many times i dialled her. I messaged her but no reply and I begged her to unblock me from messenger and talk me only once.. She unblocked me...

She told me that she doesn't love me because of me... she said that she was going to tell that for a long time.. but she had no guts to tell that over the phone.. I asked her if she was thinkin for so long about breaking up, why she was trying to come to meet me last December.. she said she wanted to end our relationship staying face to face with me.. I coudn't absorb the fact that if she was telling the truth. While she was unable to say that over the phone, how can she say it in front of me???? What was all that in her blog??? i was left with so many questions... i came to knw from her that she was in anger that nobody from her family called her for more than a week. Maybe that was the reason she took the decision.

Anyways I promised her I won't try to contact her.. Just because she was asking me how I got her number. She also said that if she knew who gave me her number, she wouldn't talk to that person. For something I did, she doesn't have to be angry with others. I didn't want that to happen. Though I wanted to call her, I made a promise so i don't want to break my promise.. all these days I was waiting for a sign, coz her sis and cousin told me that they will talk her. When she realises that she was wrong, she will come back to me.. But how can I stay like this??? Coz I loved her.. I was hurt.. I cant concentrate on other things.. Always always keep thinking about her.. And yesterday, whole day I was in my room, alone.. coz I didn't want to show my face to anyone..

Just then, I thought to be strong and face the truth. Completely erase her from my mind. If she really loved me she wouldn't have done that to me. So now I believe that she lied to me.. She used me for her time pass, just like the other girls i bumped into.. And Now I hate her.. Why did she make the first move? Why did she give me so many compliments? Now I don't even want to hear her name... But I thank her family, specially her sis and cousin who was very helpful for me and kind. I'm sorry to break this to them, but still, I posses a heart of flesh. Yeah from today I took my final decision… I won't wait for her and waste my precious time as i wasted two whole years. For the first time, i want to live my life for me. I also have a right to choose what's good for me and what's not. Now I realise that I was to easy to play with. I don't want it to be that way. Not anymore!!!
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