Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kiss the rain by Billie Myers

Can you hear me
Am I getting through to you

Is it late there
Is there laughter on the line
Are you sure you're there alone
Cuz I'm trying to explain
Something's wrong
You just don't sound the same

Why don't you, Why don't you
Go outside, Go outside

Kiss the rain
Whenever you need me
Kiss the rain
Whenever I'm gone too long
If your lips feel lonely and thirsty
Kiss the rain
And wait for the dawn
Keep in mind
We're under the same sky
And the night's
As empty for me as for you
If you feel
You can't wait til morning
Kiss the rain...Kiss the rain...Kiss the rain...

Do you miss me
I hear you say you do
But not the way I'm missing you

What's new
How's the weather
Is it stormy where you are
You sound so close
But it feels like you're so far
Oh would it mean anything
If you knew
What I'm left imagining
In my mind, My mind
Would you go, Would you go
Kiss the rain...

As you fall over me
Think of me
Think of me
Think of me
Only me
Kiss the rain
Whenever you need me
Kiss the rain
Whenever I'm gone to long
If your lips feel hungry and tempted
Kiss the rain
And wait for the dawn
Keep in mind
We're under the same sky
And the night's
As empty for me as for you
If you feel you can't wait till morning
Kiss the rain...Kiss the rain...Kiss the rain...
Kiss The Rain.....

Kiss the rain, Kiss the rain, Kiss the rain

Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A very dear relative of mine has passed away last night. He fell off from the ninth floor of central hotel and hit on a roof of an adjoining house. I was shocked to hear the devastating news. I express my deepest condolence to his Family.

During the time when i was in Male' i was staying with them. Nazil was the only boy in their family and he just turned 21 years and 7 months yesterday. I had shared so many good times of my life with them and i treasure those moments.. His parents and 5 sisters loved him so much. Beybe, Dhaththa, Faantha, Dhontha, Kudy, Havi and Aasi, be strong and pray for him..

We will really miss you Nazil :( May Allah bless his soul and grant him eternal bliss.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Congratz Sis!!!

A cute & cuddly
Baby boy,
Has come to,
Fill your lives,
With joy and bliss…

Congratulation Sis… She is one of the cousins that I love most... And today she's got a baby boy and one more angel is added to my extended family tree.. He is my 3rd second cousin once removed… Hope you and baby are doing well…

btw, as freewebs takes a while to load, i have moved my blog to this URL again. So im back on blogger with a new template again.. and I just added all your comments in my articles in freewebs to this blog.. I didn’t change any text but the date is changed.. and hope u will like the new look..

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Friday, October 19, 2007


Put on your party cap….
& have a day that's bouncing
With FUN all the day!!
Wish you a very very happy b'day LUMKO!

Lumko is my 3rd niece and she is 6 years today btw someone told me today is Salwa’s b’day too. But who is Salwa?? Hmmm… Who??? Still my mind is blank.. ohhh… OMG is it... Is it her?? Cinderella??? Ohh no no not even her… So who is this Salwa?? Ooooh yeah yeah maybe the one who begged for a slipper!!!! She is my best friend’s girl… Got it got it.. Sorry salwa! I just forgot it…Anyways wish you a very very Happy b'day Salwa!!! May the days that come, bring you success and joy.. Hope you'll have a gr8 day full of surprises...

Thursday, October 18, 2007


If you have sleepless nights ......
If someone breaks the silence of a dark lonely night.........
If someone sings new melodies in your ear every evening..
Then its nothing other than!!!!


Friday, October 12, 2007


It's your day., full of HAPPINESS & lots of FUN….

Happy b'day Nabakko!! (my youngest cousin yet).

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Its EK members video and this great work was done by our CHOOTIMALLI TCKROCKZ... Congratzz tck for your great job and thanx for the video..

Saturday, October 06, 2007


As usual after I woke up and freshen up, I went down stairs to see Thuthu (a nephew) and Nabakko (a niece), who came to SL last Month for holidays. Unlike the other days when Thuthu saw me, he ran to me and asked me "where is the party". (btw, it's his b'day today) I replied him asking which party and he was little shy and told "Today is dhonbe (me), iboobe(My bestfriend), thiththibe (My bestfriend's bro), Nabakko (his cousin) and thiththa 's(my sis/his aunt) birthday. He didn't want to mention his name.

I called a three wheel and while I was waiting in the sitting room with Thuththu and Nabakko, Thuththu was asking me "dhonbey where's the balloons and cakes? Where are the crape papers?" I was just saying I don't have money and his mum n dad didn't send money to celebrate his b'day. I said all that to see his reaction. After I said that he was like, going to burst into tears…

Anyways I was going to buy all those things. And finally in the evening, we had a fun and a joyful b'day party… He was very interested with his b'day gifts. Before he went to sleep, he came and gave me a big hug and a kiss and said thanks. He slept with all his gift.; BTW today is one of my very closest friend's b'day too… I wish her a Happy Birthday too…