Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Congratz Sis!!!

A cute & cuddly
Baby boy,
Has come to,
Fill your lives,
With joy and bliss…

Congratulation Sis… She is one of the cousins that I love most... And today she's got a baby boy and one more angel is added to my extended family tree.. He is my 3rd second cousin once removed… Hope you and baby are doing well…

btw, as freewebs takes a while to load, i have moved my blog to this URL again. So im back on blogger with a new template again.. and I just added all your comments in my articles in freewebs to this blog.. I didn’t change any text but the date is changed.. and hope u will like the new look..


Leem Simpson said...

i am getting a brother this month

salwa said...

yor cousin looks cute and congrats frm me t your sis n family :D