Monday, December 10, 2007

How to Act on Your First Date With a Girl

You just asked a girl out. Your stomach feels all queasy, but in a good way. You're going to see her tomorrow. What do you do?

1. Stay calm.
2. Smile a lot.
3. Say her name whenever possible; they like that.
4. Engage in conversation. Girls like guys who let them talk, so let her go, and drop comments when needed.
5. Be polite, but not obsessive about your manners.
6. Make sure to talk about her! Comment on how good she looks or something.
7. Be yourself. Be comfortable with her. This is key to developing a healthy relationship.
8. If you have to sneeze or blow your nose in the bathroom.
9. If in the movies, don't talk a lot and let her choose the movie
10.Make sure you have enough money! or she'll be mad and will never go out with you again

• Wear something nice.
• Maybe put on some cologne, but not too much, because some girls don't like the smell very much.
• It helps to be mature, because the one thing girls hate is a guy who acts immature! This is very important!
• Ask for her number at the end of the date.

• Do not be so concentrated on these steps on the date, or she'll think you're crazy.
• If you don't call her...It's over.
• If you don’t have enough money, ask your parent(s) for some money. if not, she'll tell everyone
• Make sure your parents are ok with you dating!

Things You'll Need
• A girl who'll go out with you

Pic taken from deviantart


Anonymous said...

kool post.....

appy said...

heehehe someone seem to have a lot of xperience ;)btw is this really how u behaved on ur first date:D

thewildhunter said...

anonymous: Thnx
appy: not really.. And it was more than 7 years back right?? :P Now things have changed a lot.. Now a days at least we should have one reserved pair of slippers for the first date.. I forgot to mention that.. :D

xamyl said...

useful post :D u shud have posted this a little bit earlier

The Sparkling Angel said...

appy,it wasn't de way he acted,he was so so shy.....dho :):):):)

Saffron said...

Great work.