Monday, June 02, 2008

Yes or no?

White snow, again will change colors.
As in a dream, time will change masks.
And I will tell you, I love as I breathe.
And I want to know the answer - yes or no?

When we fly in the skies, then we will realise
That love is different, love is like a dream.
Hence it will be so, let nobody judge
Those who are in love, and love someone.

I wish for keys of heaven,
So i could run towards you to the edge,
To understand everything, to forgive everything,
To suddenly change everything,
And to say forever - yes or no.

Poet: unknown
Pic taken from deviantart


faru said...

for who z this yes o no for

thewildhunter said...

for the first person who comment on this post... :D