Tuesday, September 19, 2006

An unusual Day!!

Today 19th September 2006 was a very unusual day for me. Last night I was awake and slept around 6.15 in the morning. You might think what would I have been without sleeping right?? Yeah I was just working with this damn blog & some other studying stuff.

While I was sleeping, I heard some people shouting and talking very loudly. It was around 8.15. I jumped out of the bed and opened the window. It was not a typical ordinary sight. 5 minutes later, I realized what had happened from what they were talking. The problem was between a married couple, so I thought why should I poke my nose into it, so I went back to sleep again.

Later I woke up in the afternoon around 12:30. I was not feeling well, was having some headache. But I was trying to be normal and I joined the others (Iboo n naani) and we were discussing about the MAAHEFUN (a Maldivian traditional get together held before Ramadan), which we are trying to have on next Friday.

Around 5:00pm I, Iboo, thiththi, Naani and Kanthy Aunty (The lady who comes to cook and clean the house) went to do a little shopping. Before that, Naani told us that she was feeling dizzy. But still she went with us. We thought of walking, so we went on foot. On the way I asked her how she was feeling then, she told she feels a bit OK.

We went into a shop and I, Iboo and thiththi went to pay the item we bought. When we returned from the cashier counter, we saw Naani sitting down on a chair and Kanthy aunty holding her. She threw up inside the shop. I thought “Oh My God! What to do now…?” Luckily she didn’t ruin any of the materials in the shop. (Even if she did, I guess she can pay for that. Right Naani??). Soon we fetched a three wheel and we sent her home with Kanthy Aunty. She went to the doctor and doctor said that it was some kind of viral infection. Inshaa allah she is ok now. Anyways GET WELL SOON NAANI!

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