Friday, September 21, 2007


As of July 2007, the world population reached 6.7 billion. If some one says all those people should be the same, would you believe that?

Different people believe different religion, communicate in different languages, live in different countries and states of different standards, live in different cultures and have different natures. So how can we believe that all should be same? People adjust to their living standards and styles, but though a family lives under one roof, they don't acquire same attributes as the other. They will be different, from the way they think and the way they behave.

So, is there any point that I and you should be same? No!!! I'll be the way I want, the way my brains transmits the message. But what we should think of is that, we have to do the right things at the right time.

My point is, though we have a brain to decide what we do, we should also respect other's feelings. We shouldn't be selfish. Shouldn't be so proud of what we have, and never should try to be a person of all the good qualities. We humans make mistakes.

This life of ours is bizarre. It's not complete without a bit of jealousy, anger, sorrow, happiness and peace… They all are mixed together to complete one's life. It's a fact we all know.

The best food of our life is prayers and faith in Allah. The best diet is fasting. All the best things in life are ours to choose from. But why do our minds seek the wrong path? Bizarre!

So we should think of Allah, the one who gave us a brain to think. First we should believe him. Second we should believe the Holy Qura'n and we should follow it.

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salwa said...

nice piece of advice